ECASA Case Studies

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European CAse Study Alliance 2019-1-DE01-KA203-005037

Academic Papers

IO1_ICM Framework_ECASA.pdf

Bachelor cases incl. materials

ECASA_2020_1 EN_GEA Farm Technologies_Building Core Competencies through Internal and External Growth_Büchler et al.pdf

ECASA_2020_2 EN_Entering the Next Level of Value Generation_Servitization and Digitization for Industry 4.0 by ifm electronic_Büchler_Ciszewski.pdf

ECASA_2020_3 EN_BirkmanNL_Crafting The Future_De Haan.pdf

ECASA_2020_4 EN_IQ-Pass_Accelerate and upscale to the next level_De Haan.pdf

ECASA_2020_5 EN_JSC Bavarus_Scaling projects for a small company operating in dynamic environment_Ciutiene_Meiliene.pdf

ECASA_2020_6 EN_UAB SDG_Recruitment based on values_Savaneviciene et al.pdf

ECASA_2020_7 EN_Glendalough Distillery_The Internationalisation Challenge_Kennedy_Rooney.pdf

ECASA_2020_8 EN_Portwest’s Future Strategy_Fashionising Workwear_Threading The Needle_Coll_O'Reilly.pdf

Master cases incl. materials

ECASA_2021_1 EN_What makes a great strategy_GEA Farm Technologies Road to Smart Farming_Büchler.pdf

ECASA_2021_2 EN_Entering the Next Level of Value Generation_Creating cyber-physical customer relations at ifm electronic_Büchler_Ciszewski.pdf

ECASA_2021_3 EN_Florensis_More Catholic than the Pope_van der Star et al.pdf

ECASA_2021_4 EN_IQ-Pass_Access to Growth_van Klink_de Haan.pdf

ECASA_2021_5 EN_Rimi Lietuva UAB_Journey towards employment of people with disability_Savaneviciene et al.pdf

ECASA_2021_6 EN_New market entrance projects for a small company_Responding sustainable development guidelines_Ciutiene_Meiliene.pdf

ECASA_2021_7 EN_Instigating Change and Managing Growth_Keogh’s Progression from local family business to international player_O'Brien.pdf

ECASA_2021_8 EN_The Burren Smokehouse_Kennedy_Rooney.pdf

Executive cases incl. materials

ECASA_2022_1 EN_Two to Tango is not enough_How to build ecosystems for smart service innovation_Büchler.pdf

ECASA_2022_2 EN_Tesla Transformation and Hidden Champions_The Pace of Innovation it the Only Thing that Matters in the Long Run_Büchler.pdf

ECASA_2022_3 EN_Robotics_The Ponderings of an Hospital CEO in The Netherlands_van der Star_van Klink.pdf

ECASA_2022_4 EN_Exspectare_A digital string_van Klink_Reijenga.pdf

ECASA_2022_5 EN_JSC Choco Group_Value-based business model for small food industry company_Ciutiene_Meiliene.pdf

ECASA_2022_6 EN_LAVA_Is Corporate Social Responsibility inevitability or fashion_The role of the network for encouraging business.pdf

ECASA_2022_7 EN_Portwest’s future strategy_Achiving €1Billion Turnover_Portwest and the Global Workwear Market_Coll_O'Reilly.pdf

ECASA_2022_8 EN_Keeping it Agile_The Internationalisation Decision for The Agile Executive_Sherlock_O'Regan.pdf

Development of

IO8_ECASA website and online platform.pdf